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4 «^ 

Nin durig thuc §n Vietnam la. thuc an tot cho 
sdc khoe vi g6 ft chat beo. 

Eat healthy, low-fat Vietnamese food. 

Nen tlep tuc dung thi/c pham ta6i nhii ngu coc 
nguy§n thuy, trai cay va rau c^i tii^i. 

Continue to eat fresh foods like whole grains, 
fresh fruits and vegetables. 

mn mua thJc an tutti hdn 1^ thiic 5n d^ ISu ng^y. 

Shop for fresh foods instead of preserved foods. 

falty meats: chicken 
skin, pigs feet 

lean uncobktxl trttdts: 

chicken, fish, and 

red me^t 

M§n cht?n thjt it md. Hen chon c^c b^ii 
thi>c pham hhd da, gk v2i thjt nat. 

Choose less fatty cuts of meat. 

Choose meats like fish, chicken and lean red meats. 

N§n dCfiig It chit beo trong viec nlu ni/6ng! 
Hay loc bd chat beo trong mon canh! Nen n4u 
ail vdi dau cdi hdn la dung m6l 

Use less fat when you cook! Skim fat when you make soups! 
Use vegetable oil instead of lard! 


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